ACCA has cancelled centre-based exams at the following locations in Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri, Sibu. ACCA Students enrolled for the centre-based exams in Dec 2020 sessions have been notified and some have been given an alternative of remote CBE.

The following FAQs may be useful:

If your centre has been affected, what is your alternative?

  • To register to take a Remote CBE exam in December 2020.
  • To defer their exam to March 2021 session.

Which students are eligible to register for Remote CBE?

Students who have entered centred based exams in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri and Sibu will be eligible to book remote exams.

Can a student from Peninsula Malaysia register for Remote CBE?

Currently, exams in Peninsula Malaysia are scheduled to be centre-based; students who have booked exams in these centres are ineligible for remote exams.

Which papers are available for Remote CBE?

Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams are available for Remote CBE, including the following local variants: LW-MYSTX-MYSFTX-MYS Please note that ATX-MYS is not available on Remote CBE.  You may refer to the following link for exams available on Remote CBE:

What is the closing date for students to register for Remote CBE?

The closing date to register for Remote CBE for D20 session in Malaysia is 17th November 2020

What does a student need to do to prepare for Remote CBE?

Please refer to  Please also refer to the attached toolkit and documents to support your students preparing for Remote CBE.

  • What support is available to students preparing for Remote CBE?

Most Strategic Professional exams have specimens and past year papers available on CBE format. They may access them through the relevant paper link from below: