MIA-Qualifying Exam

Aspired to be a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia?
There are few routes available to apply to be a registered Chartered Accountant of MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants).

If you possessed a qualification relating to accounting, business or finance recognised by the Public Services Department of the Government or other qualifications approved by the Council,  you may be eligible to sit for the MIA Qualifying Exam.
Once you have passed the Malaysian Institute of Accountants Qualifying Examination (4 Subjects) and has not less than three years’ practical accounting experience in the service of a chartered accountant or in a Government department, bank, insurance company, local authority or other commercial, financial, industrial or professional organisation or other undertaking approved by the Council, you can apply to be admitted as a Chartered Accountant of MIA.
Are MIA Qualifying exams difficult? We believe, like all professional exam, you require the necessary competency and proficiency in each subject to pass the exam. However, we can assist you. Join our MIA QE Workshop to boost your chance to pass your MIA QE.

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