MIA-Qualifying Exam

Aspired to be a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia?
There are few routes available to apply to be a registered Chartered Accountant of MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants).

If you possessed a qualification relating to accounting, business or finance recognised by the Public Services Department of the Government or other qualifications approved by the Council,  you may be eligible to sit for the MIA Qualifying Exam.
Once you have passed the Malaysian Institute of Accountants Qualifying Examination (4 Subjects) and has not less than three years’ practical accounting experience in the service of a chartered accountant or in a Government department, bank, insurance company, local authority or other commercial, financial, industrial or professional organisation or other undertaking approved by the Council, you can apply to be admitted as a Chartered Accountant of MIA.
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  1. Apply to be an MIQ QE candidate, and obtain a certificate of candidacy.
  2. Undertake the MIA QE Assessment which comprises of workshop* evaluation and final examination*. (*conducted by MIA)
  3. There are 4 Papers in the MIA QE Assessment:
    • Business & Company Law
    • Auditing & Assurance Services
    • Taxation
    • Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting
  4. All 4 papers should normally be completed within 4 years from the date of the first Certificate of Candidacy. If a candidate failed to do so, one may apply for an extension of time to complete the MIA QE provided that the candidate has passed at least 1 paper within the first 4 years of the candidacy.

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We provide a fully online study option to MIA QE candidate, as reinforcing support in addition to the MIA QE workshops that a candidate is required to undertake. We believe this can bring much improvement the level of your proficiency in the MIA QE papers needed and help you to pass your MIA QE exam.

What do we offer when you join our MIA QE course:

  1. Comprehensive Online Recorded Lectures in-line with MIA-QE syllabus
  2. Online Recorded MIA-QE Past Year Tutorial
  3. Virtual Live Session for consultation
  4. Topic Revision Videos – Topic focused short videos for express revision that may be appealing to students with busy lifestyle.
  5. Lecture notes (hard copy & soft copy)

Mr Low Chin Ann – Taxation

He is a fellow member of ACCA and holds a Diploma in Computer Science. Academically, he has lectured for professional examinations and degree prgrammes, both in Malaysia as well as internationally in China, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia specialising in taxation, auditing, corporate governance and management accounting related areas. He is also involved in corporate training programmes for commercial companies including Multinationals like British American Tobaccos as well as public sectors such as ILKAP (Institut Latihan Kehakiman dan Perundangan) and Institut Perakaunan Negara (IPN), He was an examiner for a local professional body for the advanced taxation paper and also a marker for an internationally recognised professional accountancy exam. Low has previously trained with a reputable medium size public accounting firm. Low is presently an Independent Director of a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia. Low himself made remarkable achievement in his studies. He achieved excellent results for his ACCA studies being 6-times prize winners for his ACCA papers (ACCA Paper 5(IT), 6(Audit), 10(Accounting), 11(Tax Planning) and Paper 12(Management Strategy)) and finally was awarded the Top Affiliate for Dec 2000 scoring the highest total cumulative marks for his ACCA final module, completing his ACCA before the age of 20. A highly responsible and dedicated lecturer, he definitely has proven track records with his students by producing prize-winners in their professional studies. Being a 6 times ACCA Prizewinner, Low can definitely help you to pass. He has produced numerous prizewinners during his 15 years of lecturing. Mr Lowʼs life value – seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Glory to God, for all success is never possible without God.

Mr Ng Kian Tuck – Advanced Financial Accounting & Reporting

Mr. Ng Kian Tuck is a Chartered Accountant (CA) of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA), and a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK. Mr. Ng has been exposed to various fields and industry through the employment in audit firm over seven years, mainly on corporate reporting, tax audits and trainings. Due to his passion in training, and in order to pursue higher achievement, Mr. Ng left audit practice some years ago and full time involve in training. He conducted seminars and workshops on accounting and auditing related topics and is currently a freelance lecturer in various universities, colleges, and large corporations lecturing professional programme such as ACCA and AIA UK, diploma and degree in accounting courses. Mr. Ng rejects rote learning styles and constantly guiding students to pass examinations using his unique approach which focuses on understanding rather than memorising.

Mr Yap Wai Wing – Business & Corporate Law, Audit & Assurance

Mr. Yap Wai Wing, an ACCA and MIA member, started his accountancy career practising as an audit executive. Besides being involved in auditing, he also practices accounting and taxation related services. During his practical, he has acquired excellent understanding of auditing skills and techniques which are very helpful in his teaching in relating to his students the application of the subject knowledge, bridging between theory and practice.
Yap began his teaching career more than 8 years ago and is currently lecturing both CAT and ACCA programmes in various institutions. He always makes learning easier by giving practical examples of how various theories from the textbooks can be applied in real life scenario. He always emphasises on the ʻwhyʼ rather than the ʻwhatʼ in the subject and this has helped many students to avoid mistakes in tricky exam questions. Furthermore, he is a very patient and passionate lecturer. He understands the needs of students willing to take extra time in explanation, provide guidance to those students who are in need. Practical wise, Mr Yap is the proprietor of a private accounting practice.


Sample Topic Revision Video